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ISIS Militants Make Moves On Tatooine

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The Huffington Post reports on growing evidence that Tataouine – the region of Tunisia that inspired George Lucas's vision of the Skywalker home-world – is being targeted by jihadist forces.

"Star Wars" fans often make pilgrimages to Tunisia to visit the filming locations scattered throughout the country. However, recent violence has led to warnings against travel through some regions.

Last week, terrorists attacked the National Bardo Museum in the nation's capital, Tunis, killing 23 and leaving many others wounded. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which was carried out by men later identified as Tunisians who had trained in Libya.

Several countries have issued warnings about traveling in Tunisia as a result. The United States Embassy is urging travelers to avoid the border areas due to "periodic security incidents." Tataouine is 60 miles from the Libyan border.


While there's no direct connection to current filming locations, it's yet more evidence of the growing reach of the sinister group's empire.


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